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Websites and Internet marketing have come a long way from a portal to your company history. Now, your target market can search for your products without even knowing your brand. Prospective customers can read about your company news as it happens, directly from you. With a custom SEO strategy and an integrated social formula from MJC, you can stay in front of, and grow, your customer base and online sales. Get industrial strength SEO in Pittsburgh. Contact us today and see how we can increase your site rankings and traffic.
SEO involves three components: Great Website Content, Exceptional Website Architecture (On-Page SEO), and Consistent Website Promotion (Off-Page SEO). If you allow us to carry out the first two components well enough, the third will almost take care of itself. But don't worry, we can also help you with that.

After an industry evaluation and key-phrases analysis, we will work with you to develop the best course of action to position your site an industry leader.

Step 1: Website Content
With SEO & SEM, content is king. The most important element of your website is its content. We'll develop and implement new optimized content from our team of writers and strategists and integrate it in to your site. Click here to read more.
Step 2: Website Architecture
We program using only the best, long-term, white-hat techniques few web developers have the know how to achieve or the time and patience to implement correctly. Interweaving targeted keywords and phrases throughout your site and media elements is only the beginning. Click here to read more.

Step 3: Website Promotion
When your new SEO optimized site is complete and live, we will implement our Website Promotion Program - custom engineered specifically for your sites goals. Our SEO programs always offer additional bonus services; options vary depending on the contracted strategy. Click here to read more.
MJC Initial SEO & SEM Solutions
Do you have an older site or a newer site that's not built correctly for SEO? Don't have the right content or have outdated content on your site? No budget for a complete site redo? We can help by only updating and reprogramming your current site content. By updating existing site and on-page elements for SEO and increasing domain authority with other SEM techniques, we can increase your results within your budget. These changes will get you started on a path that will increase your Internet presence. We can also implement an ongoing SEM programs that takes you from a path to the highway of Internet success.
Why MJC For SEO & SEM?
Many SEM companies sell high-cost, short-term off-page SEO & SEM programs based on unqualified link building. These programs are designed to provide a large amount of links, many of poor quality, or even spam sites that only give you a small, temporary boost in rank. These companies do not have a long-term growth plan in place for your website. For them, it's all about a larger profit, in a short-term relationship.

At MJC, our philosophy is different. We want a long-term relationship with you. We not only grow your company website ranking and traffic, we provide long-term, SEO solutions that include tangible, value added services. Our custom SEO growth packages include social media strategies, YouTube video production, mobile site development and custom managed website hosting. It's what is known and referred to by industry pioneers as "Real Company Stuff"!Click here to read about Search Marketing Integration.
Pittsburgh SEM Company
and Pittsburgh SEM Consultant
MJC was established in 2006, but our team has been programming and developing SEO & SEM strategies in Pittsburgh since 1998. We know B2B, Industrial Manufacturing and Healthcare Technology. Our formula to position your company with search engines and drive traffic to your site has been refined through time-tested techniques and strategies. Our knowledge provides the ability to stay current with the ever-changing search engine requirements. With MJC, you get a dedicated SEO team focused on your short- and long-term Internet goals. How do you rank? Give us a call and allow us to provide a free initial assessment of your site.
SEO Services
  • Website SEO and Market Analysis
  • Industry Specific Keyword Research
  • SEO Consulting
  • Website Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Sister Site Strategies
  • SEO Video Optimization
  • Domain Authority Growth Strategies
  • Social Media Integration & Optimization
  • Press Release Creation and Distribution
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  • Link Research and Acquisition
  • Industry-Specific Directories
  • Mobile Site Development & Integration
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • YouTube Video Production
  • Site Maintenance
  • Content Updates and Editing
  • Custom Hosting
We include value added services into every long-term SEO contract
Our SEO clients rank #1 in Google
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"MJC designed and engineered a dynamic and interactive website for us and packaged in an SEO Growth Strategy that is positioning our company ahead of the competition on the internet. We consistently rank in the top two positions for our targeted keywords."
Joe Morinville
Energy Independent Solutions
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